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Website evaluation tips

Web Design Tips for Your Small Business:

Is It Time For A Website Re-Design?

Have you had your website for a while? Are you accustomed to the look and feel of it? If your site still functions well, your visitors stick around and interact with you, then you don’t need to worry about changing anything. Technology and trends change, but unless you or your business has changed direction or mayor technology is missing, you don’t need to re-design your whole website. Often times a few web design fixes will do the trick.

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Online and Offline marketing ideas

Low Budget Marketing Ideas & Tips:

Marketing Help For Your Small Business

I have been creating websites and online marketing strategies for small business owners like yourself for many years now. Actually being a small business owner myself, not just a hired employee, has given me a whole new appreciation of how hard it really is to make any money online. On this website I will share my years of wisdom, and newly found ways, to help you market your products, crafts or services.

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