Free Marketing Ideas & Web Design Tips for Your Small Business

Website Design Tips

Website Design Tips

Designing a website for your Business that gets Visitors!

The most important aspect of every business is to be found online! Website Design is second, but should never be secondary.

Easy to understand tips for creating a successful website and/or blog for your Small Business.

Stand out from your competition, even on a low budget!

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Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Stay current with ever changing Marketing Trends!

Looking for fresh Small Business Marketing Ideas? Grow your home business with my new ‘Craft Marketing Done Right’ book!

Utilize the many free marketing tips for small business owners on a low budget.

Create an effective plan with my marketing solutions!

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What is the difference between a blog and a website?

Most people agree, your small business or hobby should have a web presence. In other words, you should promote your products or services on the internet with a website, blog or both.
The difference between a website and a blog is a little confusing so let’s try to clear this up right now.

A website is a set of related web pages that is accessible on the Internet. But blogs and social media sites like Facebook are also sets of related web pages that are accessible on the Internet. Facebook is a website and every place you visit on the Internet is actually a website. A blog is a type of website with the primary purpose of discussion and interaction.

I like to think of a blog as a collection of articles. Just like a newspaper. Each article can have text, pictures, and videos. So a blog is an ongoing archive of articles, or blog posts. Many websites contain a blog within them, you will often see a menu tab labeled “Blog”, “Articles” or “News” which brings you to the blog section of the website.

Website evaluation tips

Web Design Tips for Small Business:

Is It Time For A Website Re-Design?

Have you had your website for a while? Are you accustomed to the look and feel of it? If your site still functions well, your visitors stick around and interact with you, then you don’t need to worry about changing anything. Technology and trends change, but unless you or your business has changed direction or mayor technology is missing, you don’t need to re-design your whole website. Often times a few web design fixes will do the trick.
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Online and Offline marketing ideas

Low Budget Ideas & Tips:

Marketing Help For Your Small Business

For many years now I have been creating websites and online marketing strategies for small businesses. Actually being a small business owner myself now, not just a hired employee, has given me a whole new appreciation of how hard it really is to make any money online. On this website I will share my years of wisdom, if you will, and newly found ways to help market your own small business online.
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