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2015 Social Media Photo Dimensions

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Improve your small business social media reach with proper image dimensions and cover photo sizes.

If you are brand new to marketing your products on social media sites or if you are a savvy, long time user, having the major social media photo dimensions available at your convenience is a huge time saver. Even I still have to look up the correct size for the cover image on Facebook at times. So for your convenience, and for my own use, I have created this super simple 2015 Social Media Photo Dimensions Info-graphic with the most important image sizes.

All the image sizes shown in this article are in pixels. What are pixels? The word “pixel” means a picture element. Every photograph, in digital form, is made up of pixels (1 inch = 96 pixels). To optimize your social media presence, you must always ensure that the images you are using to represent you or your products are of the highest quality, the correct size and the best fit for the various platforms and placements.

6 Major Social Media Platforms:

  • Twitter – Profile Photo: 400×400; Header Photo: 1500×500; In-Stream Photo: 506×253
  • Facebook – Profile Photo: 180×180; Cover Photo: 851×315; Shared Image on Timeline: 1200×900
  • Google+ – Profile Picture: 250×250; Cover Image: 1080×608
  • Pinterest – Profile Picture: 165×165; Pins: 236xno length limit;Pin Board (large thumbnail): 222×150; Pin Board (smaller thumbnail): 55×55
  • Linkedin – Banner Image: 646×220; Standard Logo: 100×60; Square Logo: 50×50
  • YouTube – Channel Cover Art Tablet 1855×423; Mobile: 1546×423; TV: 2560×1440; Desktop: 2560×423; Video Uploads Minimum for HD: 1280×720
Social Media photo dimensions

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Useful Resources:

Image editing tools will help you to beautify and add special touches to your social media photos. Free online photo editors like PicMonkey let you choose a canvas in the size needed for your social media page.

2015 social media cover photos

Tip: If you know the exact dimensions of the image you want you can create a custom size before clicking into any of the pre-made templates.

Social media images sizes will change and evolve over time!

Easily reference social media images for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr with this Always Up-To-Date Spreadsheet by SproutSocial. This is a shared document that will be updated regularly whenever image sizes change.

Which social media platform has been the most successful for you and your small business? Please leave your comments below.


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  • Hi Jager!

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I am definitely hanging on to this one and gladly passing it along :).

    • Hi Corina, Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment and for passing along the info-graphic. I appreciate it very much!

      It has already come in handy for me as I’m updating numerous social media pages every day. 🙂

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