) Easy Website Design Fixes You Should Know
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3 Easy Website Design Fixes

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Summer is here and it has been a warm, muggy and very busy few weeks!

I created not one but two small business websites for clients plus co-authored a book with my husband on bottle crafting. I will tell you more about the book later, we’re waiting for our proof copy to arrive in the mail. Very exciting stuff!

I’m sure you’re having a busy summer as well, but you should never be too busy to stay on top of the ever-changing online marketing world, especially if you’re a small business owner like myself. Take a look at this free WordPress theme, the picture sure is eye-catching, isn’t it?

Free wordpress theme 2014

Here are some very easy website design fixes you should know about, and implement if necessary.

#1 Forget about Flash

The good, or maybe not so good, old days of flashy headers and Flash in general are pretty much gone and over with. Darrell Benatar, the Chief Executive Officer of UserTesting.com wonders, “Why go for Flash when there are other options which are much more user-friendly?” He believes that HTML5 works better with mobile operating systems and also does not require any plug-in. HTML5 is also more favored by the search engine.

#2 Link your Logo

A logo is an important part of your brand, a way for your visitors to remember you by. In most cases, the upper-left corner is the most preferred space to place your logo. Keep in mind that a logo should not just be present on the upper-left corner of your homepage, but on each of the pages of the website as well. In order to make navigation easier, make sure that visitors can click on the logo and return to the homepage. It helps with navigation and returns a lost visitor to their starting point.

Jager Web Design

#3 Responsive Site Design

More and more people use their smart phones and mobile devices to access the web, therefore it has become a must to opt for responsive site design. This means that a website will respond and adapt to different browser sizes. It is not feasible for small businesses to develop a different website for each device. Having a single website that works equally well on every device is a right step towards the future. Is it time for a website re-design?

Implementing these three easy website fixes will make sure that your visitors will stay longer on your website. They will have a more enjoyable visit and will be more likely to return.

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