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3 Effective, Easy Website Tips For Higher Google Rankings

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Ranking high in Google Search results can make a huge difference in how many customers you acquire and ultimately your profits.

Some of the steps involved in making this happen to get higher Google page rankings can be complex and time consuming, some are quick and very effective. Adding the correct information or fixing what’s already online can make a huge difference in being found online. Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and Facebook’s business directories are four of the top online directories your business should be listed in.

Search tips for small business owners

Tip 1 – Match Your NAP

NAP stands for ‘Name, Address, Phone’. It’s very important that your NAP is consistant throughout. Make sure that all of the contact information your provide on your website matches your Google listings and as many other online directory listings as you can.

The information needs to be spelled exactly the same, with the exact same phone number(s), everywhere your NAP appears online. Did your phone number change in the recent past? Have you changed business locations? Make sure you don’t give out old or obsolete contact information. It’s a good idea to thoroughly check your online contact information on a regular basis.

Tip 2 – The Title Tags

The title tags of each of your website pages should include a specific topic about one of your products or services. For example, a plumber might have a page about kitchen sinks and would use a title tag sucha as ‘Kitchen Sink Installation’.

These terms should also be used in the heading and text of the website page copy. The title tag is specified in the meta data of the webpage and shows as a pop up only when hovering a curser over the browser tab.

Tip 3 – Specific Topics

Each page on your website should be about a specific topic. This was mentioned in Tip 2 but is expanded upon because it is so important. If a webpage includes information about many different things it can be difficult for search engines to understand how to rank a page and thus will not rank it well.

Your home page should be simple and provide information about your business. Other pages should include information about specific topics like the Kitchen Sink example above. Think about phrases or questions that people enter into seach requests when looking for a product or service you offer. Each phrase should closely match a single page on your website.

Wheater someone finds you via your website or one of the business directory listings that show up in search results doesn’t really matter as long as you get found. But, getting found at all requires a website and directory listings working together to strengthen your online presence.

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Do you have any search engine tips to share? Leave your comments below. 

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