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5 Craft Marketing Tips For More Sales

Selling your hand crafted items can be harder than you might expect.

It’s one thing to create beautiful pieces of art, but getting them in front of the right people, who are willing to pay you the money you deserve for your time and effort, is something altogether different. Many craft makers dream of the day when they can finally quit their day job and they can start crafting and selling their products full time to support themselves and their family.

We read about happy stories on Etsy and in craft magazines all the time. But who are these people and how are they able to build a successful business selling crafts when so many talented people are competing against them? Maybe it’s not that hard after all… Successful craft makers find a marketing strategy that works for them, their craft and their customers, and with time they are able to make more and more sales!

Get more sales for your craft business.

Some marketing campaigns are just so effective that, once you’ve unleashed them on the world (or at least on your target audience), you just have to sit back and watch the sales roll in!

Here are a few tactics that help a marketing campaign achieve just that:

Scared Straight

It might sound a little…well…scary, but frightening potential clients or customers about what might happen if they don’t use your product or service is often a good way to get some easy sales. Consider, for example, those fear-inducing commercials for home security systems, the ones that show an intruder breaking into someone’s home and fleeing for the street once the alarm goes off. Likewise,there was recently an anti-obesity campaign, designed by artist Brandon Knowlden that featured some pretty scary images of people who’d met their demises as a result of food.

Obviously, you don’t have to completely freak out prospective clients, nor should you want to. But if you can come up with and market some pretty compelling reasons why they should use your product or services and some scary scenarios about what might happen if they don’t, you’re likely looking at a nice profit.

Compare and Contrast

One of the main reasons that people seek marketing help is because they’re going head to head against a major competitor. If you’re often linked with another product, service, and/or company in the minds of consumers, you should resist the urge to deny that the link or the fact that you provide similar products or services exist. Instead, acknowledge it in a marketing campaign, being careful not to mention any exact brand names, of course.

Not only do these types of campaigns have the potential to be humorous, but they also give you an opportunity to explain clearly why your product and/or service is better than the competitor’s. You can really rack in the big bucks if you can show that your product is less expensive and/or that it offers more valuable features than your competitor’s product.

Care about Convenience

People today have more responsibilities and burdens facing them than ever before. As such, they are almost always going to choose a product or service that’s more convenient to access, even if it means spending more money. As such, spend some time thinking about if/how your product or service is convenient to consumers. If you’re lacking in convenience, then you have some work to do in general.

But, if you can discover how your product or service is easier to access, more workable around a prospective client’s schedule, or anything else, you can easily play up those convenience points to catch peoples’ attention and to show them that you’re an organization that values their time and wants to help them make the most of it.

Be Charitable

People like to feel like they’re making a difference in the world; doing so makes them feel good. And, if they feel good when they use or buy your product and/or service, they’re likely to do it again and again. For proof of that, look at the popularity of Tom’s shoes, which donates a pair of shoes to needy people for every pair purchased. You don’t have to run out and donate 90% of what you make, but if you can donate something or somehow contribute to a cause in a way that’s influenced by your clients’ purchases, you’re guaranteed to earn more money and to make a difference yourself.

Don’t Be Too Direct

Finally, recognize that today’s consumers are smart. They are bombarded with so much advertising on a day to day basis that they know an obvious marketing ploy when they see one. If you include dead-giveaways like “buy now” or “great deal” in your marketing campaign, expect to annoy a lot of people along the way and not to turn out very impressive sales figures. Marketing to people without directly, overtly marketing to them is the most surefire way to make a sell.

As you can see, there are lots of great strategies for marketing without hassle in today’s world. Don’t wait; get out there and try these and other great techniques for yourself. You’ll likely be surprised at just how effective they are.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance writer and small business owner that usually writes about business and employment in business with jobs such as sales jobs in the software industry.

What do you think of Annette’s marketing tips? What’s your craft and are you ready to try her tips for your own business? Tell me more in the comments below.

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  • Another great marketing article! Thank you, these five marketing tactics will certainly help with my business and I’m not selling any crafts.

    • Hi Darren! Thank you, Annette made some very good points in her marketing article that apply to people selling their crafts, as well as small business owners selling products or services to make more money.

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