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5 Search Engines that respect your Privacy

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I use Google for most of my online searches and I’m fine with their terms of use and privacy policy as they stand right now.

Of course, I don’t share anything online that I don’t want (potentially) millions of people to see, and I don’t search for anything unusual, weird or out of the ordinary. Mostly I use search engines for work related tasks. If you use any of Google, Bing or Yahoo’s products you have to be aware that your information is being tracked, collected and used in order to better advertise to you in the future.

Search Engine Privacy

Search Engine Privacy

Go to the Google Search History Answers Page to learn more and to find out how to turn off search history personalization.

Here are 5 Search Engines that Respect your Privacy, if you take your personal information seriously.

  1. DuckDuckGo  – duckduckgo.com doesn’t collect any personal information about you when you search. It looks very similar to Google Search with features and performances, it even has a similar, simple layout. You could literally spend hours checking out the features on this search engine, like geographical search, calculators and more.
  2. Wolfram Alphawolframalpha.com runs circles around Google when it comes to research and calculations. Simply enter what you want to calculate or know about and it will usually figure out what you mean. You can also upload data, images or files to get more information about them.
  3.  Blekkoblekko.com is easier to use than the big search engines. They call themselves “the spam-free search engine”. Instead of returning ads and other iffy results first, it sends you links that acutally answer your questions. The links are even broken down into categories like shopping, recipes, etc.
  4. Yippyyippy.com detects adult content and blocks it automaticall. That feature alone makes it a great search engine for the family computer. You can fine tune your search by sources like the web, images, wikipedia, shopping, blogs and more.
  5. IxQuickixquick.com claims to be “the world’s most private search engine“. They encrypt your search for privacy while giving you pre-approved results from other top search sites for a fast answer. You can help other searchers by rating results. They do show a limited amount of relevant sponsored results on the top and the bottom of the results page.

Finding alternative search engines can often be an inconvenience, but if you value your privacy, it’s a good idea to alternate between two and three different services. It’s always better to be safe, than sorry!

While Google and some other companies will record your information, at least no one company will have all of it.

Do you have questions about search engine privacy? Leave me a comment below.

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