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Are you spending your social media time wisely?

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With so many social media sites to choose from and new ones being released all the time, are you spending your valuable online time on the right ones?

It’s easy to get lost on Facebook and other social sites. You start out by wanting to quickly update your Facebook business page and ended up looking at your cousins latest vacation pictures, or maybe you were searching for a low-fat dinner idea on Pinterest and the next thing you know, it’s two hours later and you are so overwhelmed that you want to order take out again.

Here is a breakdown from a recent survey conducted by Uswamp, they asked 600 men and women within the ages of 18 to 50. Can you believe it, 13.2% stated they do not use social media at all?

What social media site do you use?

As you can see, Facebook is clearly taking the lead with 81.2%. Wow, that is a huge number with YouTube in second place at little over half and Pinterest not even making the cut!

Now, what does that mean for you and your business in Summerville, SC and across the country?

When it comes to social media, small businesses like yours, have a lot of opportunities to reach out to other companies and consumers, locally in the Summerville area, and around the globe. 92% of companies use Facebook for their social media marketing these days solely to increase traffic to their website. As a small business owner you might think you don’t have the time to begin with or find it a huge waste of time. Believe me when I say that there are ways you can implement to successfully set up a Facebook campaign without spending a lot of hours and a ton of money.

Here are some Facebook tips for you to implement:

  • That saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true on Facebook! Photos automatically get much better placement in your Newsfeed. All other things being equal, adding a photo to a post will increase engagement on its own. Photos also take up more space in a Newsfeed. If you get creative, you can find a way to add photos to just about anything.
  • Start your post strong, get to the point quickly and wrap it up in a few sentences or less.On your website, you have just ten seconds to grab your customers attention, on Facebook you have even less! Remember that users have dozens of items in their Newsfeed to go through. If you don’t capture their interest in the first few words, they’ll just move on to photos of cats.
  • If shares are what you want, try asking people to share your post! Sometimes people just don’t know what to do with a post after they’ve seen it. Adding a simple call to action gives them some direction for what to do next. You will be surprised at how well this works!
  • People ‘Like’ Facebook pages because they want more information about products and services. This gives you the chance to be a resource for your Facebook fans. Give them the information they need! Use your knowledge and expertise and provide helpful solutions to your customers. Teach them something new and watch your likes and shares rise!
  • Everyone likes to be heard. Let your customers and followers know you hear them! Comment on or at the very least ‘Like’ every interaction your fans have with you! It will also show your fans that you care and you’re listening!
  • Interact with other pages, similar to your own business as well as unrelated businesses both local and abroad. Your unique voice and personality is your branding and there is a lot of competition out there, and I’m not just talking about the local Summerville, SC area.

It is best to set a certain amount of time for your daily Facebook interactions.

A half an hour daily, Monday through Friday, is plenty of time for updating and interacting on a Facebook business page. Remember to use the schedule post feature (click on the little clock) to have your postings show at different times during the day and at night and be sure to link back to different pages of your website.

I hope this article on social media, especially Facebook, was helpful to you.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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  • Thank you so much for great post.I think every small business owner must read this for increasing their online presence & growing their business.

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