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Black & White Web Design Tips

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A few years back, White text on Black or Dark background was a much loved web design style.

That is until more and more web designers and visitors figured out that it is very hard to read light text on a dark background, especially on small screens. This type of design puts extra strain on readers eyes and that defeats the whole purpose of website design. Visiting a website or blog is supposed to be a pleasurable experience!

Here is an outdated website design that was created about ten years ago. It was a nice design at the time, but it has a flash intro where the menu slides in from the side, a very cluttered background with white text that is very hard to read and stacked images. Worst of all, it isn’t a responsive web design! When you visit the website on a smart phone or tablet the menu doesn’t show at all and the page looks even more confusing, if you can get the site to load at all.

How many online visitors and customers do you think this construction company has lost over the past several years?

Outdated Black & White Website Design

Outdated website design

6 Tips For Designing a Black & White Website:

  • Always use black, or better yet dark charcoal (#292929), text on white background!  The high contrast between the colors will make it very easy to read.
  • A pure white background (#ffffff) emphasizes clarity on the page and removes clutter and visual obstacles for your readers. Some of your visitors might think a pure white background is too harsh. To create a softer white add a pinch of another color, like black or dark blue.
  • Choose photos, illustrations and graphics that mirror your overall design. You don’t necessarily have to use B&W images, but try to keep them simple as well. Use a dark border around your images if they are very light.
  • Utilize whitespace (the space between content) effectively. Keep extra space around your images and blocks of text with a wider margin. It will make your design more readable and keep your viewers engaged longer.
  • Find a font that you can use as a focal point. A nice, easy to read and visually interesting type is very important in a simple website design to make it stand out.
  • Keep your design simple! For the most impact choose a minimally styled design scheme like the one you see here.
A clean, elegant black and white website theme.

Black + White Sample Theme via themeforest

Black & White sites give an elegant and creative feel to your web design, making it the perfect choice for some. Keep in mind, it certainly is not suitable for every site.

This type of web design is great for setting yourself apart from all of the colorful sites out there. If you already have a color scheme for your marketing campaign then you are probably better off using them to keep it uniform, instead of going with a strictly black and white design.

Of course you could always add a splash of contrast color to your B&W site  to focus important parts of the design in a subtle way. Take a look at My list of Top 10 Black & White Websites.

What do you think of the modern, sleek and clean looking Black & White web designs? Is it time for the Construction Company owner to get his website re-designed? Leave me a comment below.

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4 Responses to Black & White Web Design Tips

  • Spot on. Black and White can look sophisticated but you have to keep it in check.

  • Hi Chris, You are absolutely right. Do you have a favorite Black & White website design you want to share?

  • I think that construction guy better get a new website pronto. I see he’s from Minnesota, is he one of your customers?

    • Yes Anita, you guessed right, he is one of our customers. Although we didn’t built his existing website for him, we are only hosting the site. I have created several responsive mock-up websites for him this last week and hopefully he will be able to see the light and convert over soon. I’m certain he looses customers on a weekly basis right now.

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