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Change is Good – online and in real life

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Change is inevitable in life and I learned to make the best of it a long time ago.

My husband Nick and I have been talking about moving south for about a year now, and after visiting Summerville, South Carolina, last summer, we knew we had found our new hometown.

Summerville South Carolina

  • The last four months have flown by in a whirlwind of activities.

We listed our home in Alexandria, Minnesota for sale on the last day of 2012 and started looking online for a townhome to purchase. It is a very scary prospect to make a large purchase like that online, sight unseen. Lucky for us we met a real estate lady on our visit to Summerville and felt comfortable with her integrity.

Between showing our current home to potential home buyers, making sure it always looked its best, and looking online for our next home, we started to think we were going completely bonkers. More than once we thought that we might have made a huge mistake, but in the end it all worked out beautifully.

  • Two closing dates in the same week.

As luck has it, or divine intervention perhaps, we have sold our home in Minnesota and made an offer on a lovely townhome in South Carolina all in the same week. We will be moving the second week of May, closing in the North on Monday and in the South on Friday. How about that?

Alexandria MN

Now that the house situation is taking care of, it’s time for me to focus back on my work and to start thinking ahead.

Just like Google changes its search algorithms on a regular basis to make it better, so do we need to keep changing to make our own lives better as well. I have worked for the same person, in the same small office for the past 8+ years. It’s a scary thought having to go out of my comfort zone, to try something different and to start to work under my own name ‘Jager Web Design‘.

Yes, Change is good and I am very fortunate to be able to move to a new town, meet new people, and still having the support of my former boss, while trying to expand our clientele and make new contacts for both of us. I will miss visiting with my current clients in person, but they know how to get a hold of me whenever they need me. 🙂

Are you in the Summerville SC area and want to meet for coffee sometime? Leave me a comment below.

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