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Creating an Online Business Website

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Not all online business websites should be created equally! If you want to stand out from the rest of the pack, then you need to put in the work.

This really holds true for anything in life as well as in the business world, especially if you are thinking about starting up an eBiz.

Online selling tips you can use

We’re that excited about our new online business – www.knifeandcutlery.com

My husband and I have been thinking and talking about starting our own online selling (eBiz) website for a long time now. We have spent many hours trying to figure out which products to sell, where to get the products,  the different ways to create an eBiz site and how to attract visitors to the site. I could go on and on, but lets just focus on these three steps for now. I will write more about eBiz sites in future articles.

Which products to sell on your eBiz website

  • Selling products on a website isn’t all that much different than selling in a brick and mortar store. You need to have a basic knowledge of the items you’re trying to sell. If you stick with your eBiz long enough you will eventually become an expert in the subject, so be sure to consider selling products you have a passion for yourself.
  • Here are 5 categories you should stay away from since its very hard to make online sales: Clothing, Gift Items, Jewelry, Electronics and Vitamins. Either because it’s difficult to make online sales, who would buy a $15,000 Diamond Engagement Ring on the net, or there are too many other online sellers that are already established.

Where to get the products to sell on your website

  • If you have never owned a retail business before, like us, then you probably don’t have a clue where to get products to sell. The first few things to learn is the difference between drop shipping and whole selling. A whole sale manufacturer is a company with one or more large warehouses where they store thousands of products and sell them for a whole sale price.
  • When you purchase products at whole sale prices, you will be quoted a much cheaper price but you will have to store the items until you can re-sell them on your website. If you add drop ship products on your site then the whole saler will usually charge you a small transaction fee but they will store and ship the products for you. Less hassle but less profit. Do some research and figure out which items sell the best, those are the ones you want to purchase whole sale.

The different ways to create an Ebiz website

  • The easiest way to get an eBiz website started is to hire someone to set it up for you. If you don’t have a huge budget to work with then you will need to consider the following options. Some whole sale manufacturers offer integrated inventory feeds which even includes a website and the whole shebang for a monthly fee.
  • Sounds to good to be true? It is, hundreds and thousands of other start up eBiz customer will use the same feed, code, pictures and descriptions as you do. There is no way you will ever be found by a major search engine or more important, your potential visitors and buyers. For that reason Nick and I created our kitchen knife website from scratch.

We have spent hours tweaking the website design to make it as simple to use and appealing to the eye as possible. Nick added our logo to every product image and every one of them is individually searchable and findable in the search engines. We rewrote the product titles and descriptions to make them our own. Our visitors will feel welcome and appreciate the personal touch. We included a toll free phone number and made the contact page simple and straight forward.

Great customer service is still the best selling tool any business can have, online or offline.

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