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Email vs Social Media -Who Reigns Supreme?


Email vs Social Media Marketing – In the never ending battle who reigns supreme?

You only have so many hours in a day right? So do you spend your precious time on email marketing or social media?


I don’t know about you but I like being efficient. That means whatever I do I want the most effective results for the least amount of time spent on an activity. Should you spend an hour fine tuning your profiles and planning out content for your social media channels or spend time on growing your email list?

I have one statistic that should answer this for you.

Email marketing converts 4 times better than social media.Email vs social marketing results shocked this woman

Now I don’t know about you – but I would have been convinced if it were only 2 times better at converting than social media BUT 4 times?!?..WOW. Still not convinced ? How about these: (according to a study on Forbes.com article)

*Customers who come to your business via email tend to shop more and spend more.

*Email customers are 11% more valuable than average.

*Facebook was almost insignificant as a customer channel and Twitter even weaker.

So am I here to tell you not to do social media marketing? Actually no. What I think we can learn from this study and similar ones is that for generating leads and converting Email Marketing is superior to Social Media.

Social media channels are good tools to communicate your brand and for customer engagement. You can utilized your social media channels to give customers (and potential customers) insights into what your business is like, what your values are, who you do business with etc. So you don’t need to stop social media marketing altogether, just prioritize which marketing tactic will be most effective for the results you are expecting.

Email is effective because people have given you permission to send them messages and are receptive to what you have to offer. People are constantly on their computers and smart phones checking their email to stay connected with the newest/latest information and to take advantage of special offers.

Is email marketing as sexy and shiny as the newest social media channel? Nope, not really. But now you know not to be drawn into the hype surrounding the newest feature of XX social media app, or XX is the fastest growing social media blah blah – and concentrate your efforts on time and tested converting tools like email marketing.

“Great – I am convinced Email marketing is for me, how do I get started?”

That in itself can be a whole other article but here are some general tips to get you started:

1. Think of giving something away for free on your website – in return for an email address.

2. Sign up with an email marketing service (Mailchimp, Aweber etc).

3. Create a sign up form and embed it into your website.

4. Promote – yes you will need to promote and encourage people to visit your website and sign up.

Given the above I think we can declare that email marketing reigns supreme over social media when it comes to converting potential leads into paying customers. Creating an email marketing campaign takes time but it’s time well spend (I mean invested) that will yield results.


Eric Rowen - Website DesignThis guest article was brought to you by Eric Rowen from Silver 6 Media.

Eric Rowen is the founder of Silver 6 Media, a web design firm that specializes in clear and effective websites for start-ups, small business and not-for-profit organizations. He is usually spotted with a coffee close at hand and a keyboard at his fingertips.

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