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Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

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It is not too late to reach out to your customers with a Halloween themed promotion this year.

Halloween merchandise has been on display in the big stores for weeks now and the Kids are getting ready for trick-or-treating while their parents are trying to find ways to stash away the excess candy before anyone gets sick. Did you know the average amount of candy collected in the U.S. on Halloween night is roughly 100 – 200 pieces per child? During Halloween is where your local small business marketing efforts can shine.

small business Halloween marketing tips

Halloween Marketing for Small Businesses

Idea #1 – Halloween Treat Bags or Buckets

This time of year is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors, educate your community about your business and grow your customer list. Take home Halloween treat bags or buckets extend a positive customer experience after they pass through your door. Make sure every monster, ghoul, princess, zombie and super hero is equipped with a candy treat bag or bucket from your local small business.

Idea #2 – Create a Candy Buy Back Program

Schedule your Halloween candy buy back program for the day or weekend after Halloween. To soften the blow for kids, and their parents, to give up their candy offer cash ($.50 – $1.00) or a nice promotional item. In turn, you can donate the candy to Operation Gratitude (they send it in care packages for our troops to enjoy) or your local food shelter and get a little tax break.

Idea #3 – Themed Halloween Giveaway or Contest

Halloween themed giveaways and contest make small business marketing fun. For parents of small children you could give out black and orange crayons with a printed Pumpkin picture (don’t forget to include your logo). Hold a contest for the winner of different age brackets on Oct. 31th. Whether you want to remind kids to stay safe or encourage parents to get in on the fun, Halloween giveaways are great for getting your business out there.

Idea #4 – Host A Halloween Event

If your business is located in a small town, downtown area or a mall, join with other businesses in your area for a themed Halloween event. For example, a veterinarian, a pet groomer and pet supply store can host a pet-costumer party. This marketing idea is especially good for professionals and trades who have small client bases.

No matter which Halloween idea you choose, be sure to send out a ghoulish email message to your customers a week or so before fright night with all the details of your promotion.

Any of these low budget marketing ideas for your small business can add a touch of fun with current and potential customers alike. So dust off your witch hat and broomstick, get out there and have some fun this Halloween season.

Have you tried any of these or other Halloween marketing ideas in the past? Leave me a comment below.

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