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How To Choose The Right Article Image

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How to choose the right images for your content is an extremely important questions now that websites and blogs have become more visual and social.

An image can make or break your marketing efforts or so it seems. The right article image will be shared across many different social media sites and will generate links and ultimately traffic back to your site.

choosing the right image for your article

Always use high quality vector images, or high quality photographs for all your images. Stay away from clipart and never steal images from other sites. I totally agree with Sarah from Sark e-Media, she states “Google images is not the cookie jar that you can help yourself from anytime you need an image. That’s stealing. Those images belong to their creator.”

In order to use an image on your site you must:

  • photograph the image yourself,
  • create it yourself using photo editors,
  • use a royalty free image,
  • purchase the image or
  • look at an image plugin like PhotoDropper for WordPress.

Be sure to follow these rules or you might still get in trouble and will struggle to prove you’re not a copyright thief. Sarah stresses that you can’t help yourself to images from online newspapers or off of other websites either. Even if you credit them. Doing this can get you into a lot of trouble and cost you a small fortune.

Even if you accept guest posts, its best to use your own images so you know the source of them. Remember, you are responsible for all of the images on your site.

Here is a list of 20 sites to find images for your content (courtesy of Sark e-Media):

  1. Shareasimage Pro supplies you with images each week, plus you can make your own quotes
  2. Unsplash will send you 10 gorgeous images to use how you like every 10 days
  3. Graphic Stock is $99 a year and where I get the majority of my images
  4. Yay Images is great for images you don’t see everywhere else
  5. Free Digital Photos is a good source of internet marketing images
  6. Canva – a great tool for creating your own images and I highly recommend it
  7. Dreamstime have a free and a paid section for images
  8. Free images used to be sxc.hu and I’ve used this extensively in the past
  9. Free stock range also has tutorials as well as a good range of images you can use
  10. Free photos bank is a new one to me, and they have a range of gorgeous nature images
  11. I’m free shares a stunning range of pictures from icons tonature
  12. Pixabay has a cool range of images that can be run through Canva to be branded for your own site
  13. Death to Stock photo is a great site for lifestyle bloggers, the visuals are superb.
  14. Free media goo has a good range of contemporary, modern images
  15. Dollar Photo Club is becoming incredibly popular with each image costing $1 (these come in good sizes too)
  16. Morgue File is another site popular with bloggers, again, these images can be used in a too like Canva to give them a unique edge
  17. Shutterstock is brilliant. They sponsor the images on Birds on the Blog and they have everything from celebrities to topical images.
  18. Fotolia has a free pic of the week range, and they’re very diverse
  19. Snap Wire enables you to book a photographer or purchase a custom image. I’ve an account here, but I’ve yet to use it.
  20. Stockvault has some beautiful images again, these would suit lifestyle bloggers really well.

The right article image will break up text and make your point visually!

Use high quality images to demonstrate a point. For instance, if you’re writing about a DIY project adding pictures of each step will help the reader visually re-create the project. The last picture should be the end result, the finished project in all its glory. Being able to visualize the end results helps your readers take action. That’s exactly why so many DIY and food bloggers go through the trouble of offering step by step images for their projects and recipes.

Take this step by step image I show here as an example. By the way, click the link to find the instructions on how to make wooden pallet furniture.

image example - choosing the right image

Don’t just use any old/cute photo you find on your computer. The image has to be relevant to the article and what you’re talking about. Imagine a Pinterest fan clicking on a cute picture of my little pooch Lily only to land on an article about website design. Oh, how disappointing!

Blind people read blogs as well. So please always keep that in the back of your mind and use a descriptive “alt” tag that makes sense to your readers. Keep the ratio of images to text fairly low so it will still make sense for a blind person to follow along.

I have been using my own images almost exclusively for the past several years and realized early on that producing the perfect image triggers my creativity.

How about you? Where do you find images to use on your blog or website? Please leave your comment below.

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