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Increase Your Organic Facebook Reach

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Facebook has been making all sorts of changes lately so its important for small business owners to evolve and adapt.

Many Facebook page owners struggle to increase their organic reach and to get followers to see their posts in the news feed. Without spending at least some money on paid advertising it can be a struggle to increase the reach and engagement of your Facebook page. More engagement like post likes, comments, and shares will help your future Page posts get more reach and they will then be seen in the news feed by more fans.

But, building up your organic Facebook reach is often easier said than done. I have been a follower of Mari Smith for a while now. Mari is one of the world’s leading social media thought leaders who is widely recognized for her Facebook marketing expertise. She offers customized social media training services for businesses and brands of all sizes, you can learn more about Mari and the free content she offers here.

increase organic reach

In this small business marketing article I will share some of Mari’s latest insights for increasing your organic Facebook reach:

Non-Promotional Postings

Per Facebook’s most recent News Feed algorithm changes starting in January 2015, Page posts that are “overly promotional” will get less priority in the News Feed, says Mari. Facebook conducted a survey of hundreds of thousands of users and the feedback was that users prefer to see promotional/commercial content in the form of ADS and not in the form of organic content mixed in with their friends’ posts.

Before you publish new content ask yourself if it looks, sounds or feels like advertising. If it does and you want to post it anyway, click on ‘Boost Post’ to promote the content with a few dollars.

Frequency & Timing

Don’t be afraid to publish fewer posts, even skipping a day or two. I usually relax on Sundays and don’t post any content to my social media sites that day. Mari explained it this way: “Most every Facebook user wakes up in the morning and checks the platform (75% do so via mobile) to see what their immediate friends and family are up to. Business posts are of secondary importance. Increasing the frequency of your Page posts might annoy folks.” Experience with posting at different times during the day and night, and on weekend if you like. Make use of the post scheduler for this (hover over the Post button and click on ‘Schedule Post’ to set a time/date) .

You will need to do some testing to see what time, which days and what posting frequency work best for you and your page.

Relevance Of Posts

Post only content that is of good quality, relevant to your page, timely and maybe newsworthy to ensure your audience resonates with your content. Don’t post a bunch of filler stuff for the sake of having new content on your page. This might go against any social media lesson you have ever learned but some times less truly is more!

When it makes sense, Mari says,  include relevant tags of other Facebook Pages, and a few hashtags, ideally at the foot of your post, so they don’t confuse your audience. It could make a teensy difference to your organic reach.

Sharebility & Engagement

Strive to craft your Page posts in a way that makes your fans look good when they share it with their fans, e.g. craft posts with your audience’s audience in mind! Getting your posts shared is very important in order to grow your Facebook reach. The trick is to come up with a unique angle on your content that triggers your audience to want to engage. Sometimes that will be likes, sometimes comments, and sometimes shares.

One of the newest News Feed algorithm signals has to do with how quickly your audience starts engaging with your content, says Mari. The sooner your fans like, comment on, and share your content, the more organic News Feed visibility you’ll get. 

Organic reach Facebook business page

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Facebook shares are great to aim for, but they are not always feasible. It depends on several factors like the geographic area you choose, the demographics you are trying to reach and of course the type of content you use.

Bonus Tip – Use large images that draw the eye.

Another way to increase your organic reach is to analyze your competitors on Facebook to see what’s working for them.  A free tool that lets you perform some free and valuable research on your competitors is ShareGrab.  You can enter up to five competitors and it will retrieve the best performing images from their page. This will give you ideas for your own Page.

Now is a good time to think about your 2015 Facebook content strategy so I hope these tips will be useful to you in the coming months.

How often do you post of Facebook? What works and what doesn’t work for you? Please leave your comments below.

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  • Reading this makes my decisions to advertise on FB easier than taking candy from a baby.

    • That’s great to hear Xannon! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Do you have a monthly budget set for Facebook advertising expenses? I find that even as little as $10/month can go a long way in getting you new page likes, as long as you set up your campaigns properly.

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