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Is It Time For A Website Re-Design?

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Have you had your website for a while? Are you accustomed to the look and feel of it?

If your site still functions well, your visitors stick around and interact with you, then you don’t need to worry about changing anything.

Technology and trends change, but unless you or your business has changed direction or mayor technology is missing, you don’t need to re-design your whole website. Often times a few web design fixes or some simple updates will do the trick.

website redesign tips

Five Main Reasons For A Website Re-Design:

  • Your Website is Not Responsive
  • Your Website is Cluttered
  • Your Website is Outdated
  • Your Website is Not Working Properly
  • Your Website has A High Bounce Rate

The following tips can help you decide if it is time for a website redo!

Responsive Design
Test your website regularly, does it work in all the different formats? Websites are being viewed on a wide variety of screens from large monitors to small smart phone screens. Make sure your website is responsive. This is very import these days because more and more online users are accessing websites with their tablets and mobile devices.

Too Much Clutter
Do you have a lot of great ideas, and lots of ways to contact you, and great images that all bring across your main message, and a ton of links and advertising, and… If your website is too cluttered then nothing stands out and your visitors will have a hard time seeing anything. We they move quickly to the next site. This is a design flaw and needs to be fixed.

Outdated Website
Was your site designed 5-10 years ago? It will look like an outdated site and your visitors will assume your content is outdated as well. What was popular back than isn’t what people expect to see today.  Flash intro, pop-ups, stock images and auto-play videos are just a few of the elements that are outdated. Website design tools have changed as well, so you might not be able to change your old site design without a full redo using up to date programs.

Functions Are Missing
At least once a year take the time to test every page, element, video, and link on your website to be sure everything is working properly. Fix or remove anything that doesn’t work right or have a web designer redo these functions for you with a brand new site.

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Visitors Jump Ship
Check your analytics report on a regular basis and check to see how long your visitors stay on your website. If they leave within a second or two of landing on a page you will know something is off. A high bounce rate is evidence that your design needs some tweaking. An average website bounce rate should be around 40 – 50%.

To avoid a website redesign, which is time consuming if you’re doing it yourself and will be costly if you hire a web designer, it’s important to test your site frequently. Fix any issue quickly, before you loose too many visitors and/or sales.

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4 Responses to Is It Time For A Website Re-Design?

  • I don’t even know if I need a website, let alone a redesign. I’m trying to sell my art work and have been going to local art fairs. Do I really have to spend money on a website?

    • Hi Dawn, if you are content to only sell locally at fairs and art shows then you don’t really need a web presence. However, if you want people outside of your local area to find and purchase your art work than you definitely need to be online in one form or another. To start with you can create social pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to get global followers for free. For more online exposure you could check into sites like http://www.zazzle.com (a store front creator for artists and craft makers) that lets you create an online store for free. Tell you the truth, having an online presence is important, even for strictly local sellers. You will be able to show off your new creations to a much larger audience plus it gives your local customers a way to share your awesome creations with their friends near and far.

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