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Low Budget Marketing For A Big Impact

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There is no need to fork over thousands of dollars for advice on marketing your small business.

If you are clever, hard working and ambitious, you will be able to find many ways to get your business noticed and your products sold without spending a ton of money. Big impact marketing can work even on a low budget!

Here are some big ways to boost your marketing efforts on a small budget:

Everything Old Is New Once Again

Your first thoughts for low budget marketing may be Web-related, but brushing up on local tried and true marketing tactics can never hurt. In fact some of these oldies but goodies might be refreshing to your consumers. Much of what the pros call “guerilla marketing” these days is very similar to marketing tactics of years gone by. Circuses held parades upon arriving to town to help boost ticket sales. Back in the days, some companies and restaurants offered to paint the barns of farmers close to major highways as long as they could include their logo or advertising slogan.

Many local restaurants still use items with local advertising on them. You get exposure, the owner gets free coffee cups, place mats or pens. Schools sell coupon books as fund-raisers; offering a coupon is an inexpensive way for you to get your name out. Another option, depending on what you are selling, is to go straight to the school, soccer league, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts and try to work out a deal with them to sell your product for a commission as a fund-raising project.

Brainstorm alternative ways to get exposure in your community. Do you own a tire shop? Consider hosting some auto safety classes or tire repair workshops. Give the participants a small discount to your store for attending and hand out brochures to spread the word.

Marketing Tips for Small Business - Think outside the box!

Low Budget Marketing

Think ‘Out of the Box’ and the Office

Whether you are a sole proprietor or have a marketing team in place, take some time, and your partner, a friend or your team for an alternative marketing brainstorm session outside of your office. Find someplace creative and comfortable to meet, such as a relaxing coffee shop, a fun restaurant, a bookstore, or even the local library. Bring some colored markers, a lot of blank papers, and any marketing books you find inspiring.

Do some quick online searches for innovative marketing case studies. Visit the web sites of business schools or advertising and marketing associations for resources. Then give everyone a chance to talk about what they think could work for your business while making notes and graphs. Agree upon ways to implement some of the best ideas that could result in the biggest impact for your business.

It’s a good Time for Online Marketing

Some of the most low budget marketing opportunities are of course online these days. Advertising online can be inexpensive and allows for very targeted and specific marketing. Using Google’s AdWords service, you can create campaigns based on keyword placement and geography (country, state, city). Your ads display on Google, and its partner sites, when users search on Google using one of your keywords. The best thing about online marketing is you only pay if someone clicks your ad. Google AdWords allows you to cap your spending on a daily basis so if you designate a budget of $20 a day, the ads will automatically stop running once you have reach your budget and then begin again the next day.

Don’t forget to use keywords that drive traffic to your website and increase your business profile in search results. Adding reciprocal links can bring more traffic to your site because search engine robots follow ‘do-follow’ links. Update your Web site often, even if it is just in small ways like adding a link or commenting on a question. It is another way to get the search engine robots to find and update your site.

Taking the time to do a marketing makeover analysis may lead you to find some more cost-effective avenues for getting out the message about your products or services. Done correctly, low budget marketing can result in a big impact for your small business.

Do you have any low budget marketing ideas to add? Be kind and leave your comments below.

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6 Responses to Low Budget Marketing For A Big Impact

  • My favorite diner in Williston ND still uses coffee mugs with local ads on them. Kind of cheesy but it works. I found a plumber’s phone number I used a couple time now.

  • I like the idea of having brain storming sessions outside of the office. It could get hard to stay focused.

    • You are right Tara, it requires someone to be in charge to lead the discussions and keep everyone from straying off topic. The more people that are involved in these brain storming sessions they more difficult this could get. On the other hand, more people could equate to better input.

  • As a small business owner I must admit that I do wear quite a few hats. If I were to have a brainstorming session you would have to imagine a small round table with me sitting at using multiple voices to get different input (Think Tom Hanks and Wilson brainstorming to get off the island).
    That said I am still able to bounce ideas off friends and family and I must admit that having an outside perspective really does make a difference. A friend got my pamphlets available to one of our pool chemical reps and that word of mouth alone as been huge.
    Thinking outside the box is a plus.

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