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Writing a well developed and informative marketing book takes skill, determination, effort and time.

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Silke from Jager Web Design has all it takes to see her ‘Marketing for Small Businesses’ book project to completion. She is a small business owner herself and knows how important it is to stay within her budget and on time. The research is well under way and the finished book will be released for publication in September 2014.

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Marketing Book Timeline

2/10/2014 – I finished writing the basic layout for my new marketing book for small business owner, focusing on craft people and hobbyists.
3/05/2014 – Researching, writing and laying out the chapters.
9/08/2014 – The book has been written! I ended up with 130+ pages.  No fluff or fillers, just useful information and marketing tips you need to know about!
9/10/2014 – I’m still working on the cover design. I started out with the wrong size, after making the size changes and asking several knowledgeable people on Google+ I now have a finished book cover!
9/11/2014 – Submitted the book interior and cover to CreateSpace for review. Wish me luck!
9/12/2014 – The content has been approved. Woohoo! I ordered a proof copy of the book. Take a look at the book preview.
9/15/2014 – Waiting for the proof copy of the book to arrive in the mail.
9/17/2014 – The first copy of my book finally arrived at the house! It is very exciting to finally have the finished book in my hands.
9/18/2014 – I have decided to create an ebook version of the book as well. Working on a different project right now so it will take a few days before I’ll be able to re-submit the final version.
9/23/2014 – The print book and the Kindle ebook version have been successfully uploaded into the system. I am almost ready to start my Indie marketing campaign. Ebook Publication is still set for Sept. 30th, which is also my daughters 21st birthday!
9/24/2014 – It is done!!! 🙂 The book has been successfully published with CreateSpace – Take a look: Craft Marketing Done Right!
9/28/2014 – I created a different cover for the eBook to hopefully make it stand out better with DIY’ers and Crafters.
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My brand new marketing book will help hobbyists, craft makers and small business owners understand the process of building a home based business and teach online, as well as offline marketing strategies.

The unique advantage this full color book brings is that it is based on my own successful experiences, as well as extensive research. It is easy to read and has real working examples that have been proven to increase business, get more customers and make more sales and money.

Craft Marketing Done Right! book for small business owners

Guide To Market Your Home Business

Are you an artist, craft maker, hobbyist or a person trying to sell your own products, this is a must have book to understanding small business marketing.

Many people are inconsistent when it comes to their marketing efforts, making lack luster attempts without seeing any results.

Most small business owners find it hard to know where to start and how to spend their valuable time and money most effectively to get the best return on their investment. In this book I will walk you through the process of building a successful business.

The book starts by laying the foundation of your home business, how to get started and the best ways to promote your products. I provide valuable resources and tips based on my own experiences as a crafter and small business owner. Local marketing as well as online marketing strategies are extensively covered.

This is not a basic marketing book like so many others already on the market. Craft Marketing Done Right! goes into detail with practical tips, an extensive resources sections and end of chapter checklists.

I will be teaching you everything you need to know about marketing your small business, making a positive impact on your sales and how best to connect with your customers.

On October 1st, 2014 I will randomly choose two winners to receive a printed copy of my newly released book! ($29.50 value)
Everyone else will receive a free electronic version of the Craft Marketing Done Right! book.

This Giveaway is now closed!

craft marketing book winners

Marketing Book Giveaway Winners


Congratulations to Shelli and Paul Marnesen for winning a printed copy of my book!

There are no losers as everyone else will receive a digital copy of this small business marketing book 🙂

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