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These free work sheets¬†have been created for my ‘Craft Marketing Done Right!’ book readers.

You may download and print a copy of the PDF’s even if you haven’t purchased my book yet. ūüėČ

marketing ebook for crafters and small business owners

Click on the images to view a larger version of the PDF, then print or save the document, or click on any of the links. Please do share this page with your friends, family members and anyone you know that might be able to use one or all of these ‘work sheets’.*

Supply Spreadsheet

Craft Supply Cost Breakdown Sheet

Craft Supply Cost Breakdown Р Keep track of your supplies and product cost (see print book page# 20)

Pricing Sheet

Product Pricing Sheet

Product Pricing Sheet РEasily change your wholesale and retail prices (see print book page# 21)

Monthly Cash Flow

Monthly Cash Flow Worksheet

Monthly Cash Flow РSimple monthly exercise to keep track of expenses (see print book page# 34)

Craft Booth Supply List

Craft Booth Supply Check List

Craft Booth Supply List РList of items to bring when setting up a booth (see print book page# 59) 

Month at a glance

Month At A Glance Work Sheet

Month At A Glance Work Sheet РKeep track of all of your monthly expenses and income

*The documents were designed to be easy to use and to be as print friendly as possible (using very little ink).

Leave me a comment below to let me know if you like these work sheets! Are there any other ones you can think of that might be beneficial to you and your small business?

2 Responses to Downloads

  • Hi Silke, I read your ebook with great interest. I learned a ton of stuff about having a home business that I never even considered. Thank you for providing these sheets for us to use for free. I’m planning on going to more local fairs this spring and will so use your craft booth supply checklist for sure. What a wonderful resource, I will share it gladly.

    • Dear Becky, I am very happy to hear you enjoyed reading my book.
      Thank you so much for sharing and taking the time to leave me your kind comment. I wish you lots of luck and much success for growing your home business. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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