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Maximize Your Content Reach With These 5 Writing Tips

If you have a blog, you better be good at marketing it, because if you aren’t, chances are no one is reading it.

How do you get viewers to your blog? Is there a magic formula to make your blog the most shared, liked and commented on?

I’m here to tell you there is no set formula, but there are ways to make your content reach more people, which in turn, will draw in more traffic to your site.

So, how can we maximize our content to rank in Google and have social media pay attention? By making sure that what we write fits with what our online audience wants.

How we write online is much different than how we write for our college professor. In order to draw mass appeal to your content, you must have quality writing and make sure your readers will benefit or learn from your post. Second to that is making sure what you write in your blog post is wrapped in an easy to scan package.

Content Marketing Tips

Here are 5 writing tips that will turn your blog post from a big wall of text into a lead generation tool to draw in traffic.

1. White Space is Your Friend

Unlike books, blog posts need to have breathability and space around the text. Having white space in your blog post does 3 things:

  • Makes it easy to scan and pick out the important details.
  •  Gives your readers’ eyes a break when there are gaps in-between your text.
  • Makes reading your entire blog post more likely to happen.

There are many ways to add white space in your writing. For example, keeping your paragraphs and sentences short is a great way to add variety in your sentence structure, while giving the added benefit of more white space.

2. Give Your Readers a Road Map When Reading Your Post

Make sure to accentuate certain areas of your blog post. It’s been said that most people stay on your blog for less than 15 seconds! So, you better make a good impression with these attention grabbers that act as destination spots in your blog post:

  • An eye-catching headline. No matter how great your content is or how life-changing your words are, if you don’t have an alluring or captivating headline, you’re not going to reach anyone.
  • A hook: Your first sentence has to draw your readers in after your headline. If they read your headline, and want to read more, then you better make sure your first sentence has something interesting to keep their attention. Some ways to do this are with a shocking statistic, relatable story or a question.
  • Bold key phrases: One thing to keep your audience reading is to bold certain words, phrases or sentences that are important to your post.

3. Accompany Your Writing With Imagery

While this isn’t a writing rule, it is a great rule to live by when you blog. Providing images, videos, infographics or slide shares will set your blog apart from other blogs. It’s a fact that when you provide images, readers tend to stick around longer.

When picking images for your website, you can opt for paid image sources like Shutterstock, but for those of us who don’t want to spend much money, there are many free image websites available. Some of these don’t require attribution, meaning you don’t need to cite the photographer or where you found your image. Other sites require such attribution.

My favorite websites for images are:

  1. Splitshire
  2. Pixabay
  3. Morguefile

These sites don’t require attribution and the images are breathtaking, unique and professional looking.

4. Write With Passion

There are few ways to attract readers. You could provide something salacious that will garner huge amounts of traffic, making your post go viral. Or, you could provide useful information to your audience and back it up with a lot of passion and personality.

When you use passion to fuel your writing, it makes it real, memorable and shareable. And, if you want people to read it, that’s what you have to do.

How do you find passion? By loving what you write. For example, if you own a baby product review site and all you wrote about was the latest baby product and whether it’s a win or fail, you could quickly run out of steam.

However, if you write about how your children play with toys and what toys they like, you open the door for providing relevant content to other parents, while at the same time, offering reviews, advice, and tips on baby products.

5. Plan Out Your Writing

In order to use your blog as a content marketing tool, it’s best to have a plan for each blog post. From inception to publication, there are certain steps you need to do for success.

Here is how I plan each and every blog post:

  1. Once I have an idea, I write it down on paper
  2. I think of a working headline and sub headings
  3.  I begin to research online whether this topic has been done before. If it has, I think of a new way to write about the topic.
  4.  I quickly write my post and save editing for later.
  5. I wait at least a day to edit, in order to get a fresh perspective
  6. I find an image to set the mood of my post
  7. I publish my post

Some bloggers and writers may have a different approach to writing, but this is the one I use and it has been successful in getting me to write consistently.

Better Writing Means Better Content to Market

Many businesses strive to market their content to reach more viewers. When you make sure you provide white space in your blog post, a road map in your post for your readers and enhance your post with some great images, your content will market itself. Make sure to also have passion behind your writing and above all, make a plan before you begin writing.

Guest Author Elna Cain

This guest article was brought to you by Elna from Innovative Ink.

Elna Cain is a freelance writer who is passionate about her work. She specializes in article writing, blog posts and site content. At all times, she keeps her writing innovative and strives to provide quality content. When she isn’t writing, you can find her running after her energetic twins. Check out Elna’s latest articles here.

Do you write your own blog content or do you prefer to hire someone? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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7 Responses to Maximize Your Content Reach With These 5 Writing Tips

  • Silke,

    Thanks for having me guest blog on your site! I hope this helps your readers!


    • Hi Elna,

      Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write this article for us. I learned a thing or two and I’m certain my readers will as well.

      One thing I do before posting an article is read it out loud. It really helps me find little spelling/keyboard errors and to make sure that my sentences flow. English is my second language and I tend to write either long rambling or short choppy sentences. 🙂

  • This is a really great article. I’m still pretty new to article writing, I haven’t even made my blog live yet. I have a hard time infusing passion without sounding too gushy or emotional or doesn’t that really matter? Maybe I’m overthinking it?

    • Hi Becky, Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :), now go make that blog live already.

      Don’t worry about making mistakes, we all make them, or sounding too gushy. Here’s what I think! Depending on your subject matter of course, it’s alright to add as much emotion to your writing as you feel comfortable, especially if it’s a personal blog. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves and that is what makes blogging so exciting.

      Good luck to you and be sure to share your blog link with us.

  • Silke,
    I agree with you about adding as much passion as you feel you need to convey your point.

    Becky, starting a blog is a fun process and you will make mistakes, as Silke says, but you learn from them and keep writing away! One thing to keep in mind is to write for your audience, even if it’s a personal blog. Asking your viewers for their opinion, suggestions or feedback is a way to engage your audience. This is often referred as “call-to-action” at the end of your blog post.

    Good luck on your blog!

  • Hi,

    I ran across this article because Jager Web Designs started following me on Google+ (not sure why!). I’ve recently started blogging on my web site more often, having read how important it is to develop a following in order to promote my “brand” and what I do. Lots of people are fascinated with hypnosis, but perhaps for the wrong reason – they misunderstand what it really is. To that end, I try to write about it in a way that will educate and enlighten, and hopefully encourage people to consider hypnosis as a path to self-improvement and empowerment. I am still very new at all of the digital aspects of marketing, so any feedback and comments are always welcome, and by the way, thank you for following me on Google+!

    Best Regards,
    Robert Bloom

    • Hi Robert, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. It sounds like you are on the right track with your blog by figuring out what your readers are interested in and by providing useful information for them. You have a great site, one thing you could do is to add more visual content (related pictures, videos, slideshows, etc.) and break up your text a little bit to make it easier to read (include h2, h3, h4 tags or bold important sentences).

      By the way, I started following you on G+ since we are both located in beautiful Summerville, SC. 🙂

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