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Do you have a small business website and want to find new and cost effective ways of selling your products? Find out how you can get more customers with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Search engines pay a huge role on how well you will be able to sell your products online!

On average about 7% of yearly consumer spending is made online. However, during the 2013 Holiday season alone, US consumers spent $42.75 billion or 10% of their purchases in online stores. This is a 3% increase from the year before and this number is growing every year. According to Comscore a staggering 89% of us will do online research first, before purchasing an item in a brick and mortar store. Most of the research and sales come to the online stores via search engines.

Online retail sales

SEO can help you reach your potential customers directly, locally, nationally and even internationally. There are a few basic things you need to understand in order to get the search engines to work for you and send traffic to your site instead of to your competition.


A keyword is a word, phrase or string of works that you use to make a search inquiry.

Google keywords for SEO

In this example ‘gold hoop’ is the keyword I typed in. Before clicking on the search button, Google will show me several suggestions for commonly searched terms. Gold hoop earrings will result in about 1,520,000 results where as gold hoop earrings with diamonds results in about 833,000 results. The fewer the number of results there are, the less number of web pages will compete with your own content. Therefore, a longer string of keywords, also called long tail keywords, the more likely your page will show up on the first page of the search engine.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the search engine page after entering your search term you will find more related long tail keywords such as: gold hoop earrings argos, gold hoop clip on earrings and gold hoop cartilage earrings. These should be your target keywords to utilize in the body of your web pages. Learn more about long tail keywords in this small business marketing article.

Organic and Paid Searches

Search engine results show lists of both organic and paid search results.

organic search and paid ads

Paid ads, sponsored listings and PPC (pay per click) ads show on the top and right side of the page. The organic (free or natural) search results will show underneath. In order to get more search engine traffic to your own website, it’s a good idea to spend a reasonable amount of money on PPC ads. PPC means you pay Google for your Ad only when someone clicks on your Ad. This method of pay per click can help you prevent wasting advertising dollars on people who are not interested in your product or service. In fact, the pay per click system allows you to zero in and target your advertising to very specific people in very specific geographic areas. This is probably the greatest benefit of pay per click advertising. (Google even offers $100 to get you started on their advertising system.) Learn more at: PPC For Local Business.

Search engine crawling

If you understand the basic workings of a search engine, you fill have a better chance of getting your website to show on the top of the list. Therefore you will attract more potential customers and sell more products.

  • A search engine will ‘crawl’ billions of website pages every day. It will follow links (crawling) within websites and find more pages by follow outgoing links.
  • Google (as well as other search engines) will store the information it finds in its index, which is a huge filling system.
  • When you search for a keyword term, the search engine will try to match your search term with its indexed pages. Thousands or even millions of pages will typically match any given search so the results will be organized by relevance,  importance and over 200 other factors like user behavior, social referrals and location.

If your website or specific page does not contain words that are being used in searches your site has no chance of ever being shown in the search results.

It’s a jungle online and competition is fierce for small businesses, get more tips and insights with these comprehensive Search Engine Optimization books.

Which search engine do you use the most? Do you have any specific search engine tips you would like to add? Leave me a comment below.

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