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Sales Marketing and The Human Mind Infographic

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It takes more than great products and a fine looking website to get steady online sales, that’s why a sales marketing strategy is so important.

We all know that emotions and biases influence our buying decisions on one level or another. But did you know 80% of your customers primarily use emotions instead of information when making a purchase? That leaves only 20% of their decisions based on logic, brand attributes, features or facts.

How to convert more customers

Emotional buying doesn’t just happen when you’re upset!

We all do it… the flowery designer sun dress that is a little out of my price range but it looks perfect on the smiling blonde standing on a gorgeous yacht and hey she even looks a little bit like me. How about the cute toddler looking engaged with a ‘learning’ toy, you read somewhere that they don’t really work, but its made by a well known company and you can’t let your little guy start pre-school without knowing his ABC’s, right? So in the shopping cart it goes. Men are not immune to emotional buying either. Think of guys that buy expensive watches, designer suits or uber-cool cars that they think will impress the heck out of their clients, friends or co-workers.

Another way to influence purchasing decisions is by common biases:

  • Framing Effect Bias – make your customers an offer and frame it in a way they can’t refuse
  • Ingroup Bias – make them feel that they’re part of a group and write content that matches your target group
  • Status Quo Bias – create a seamless purchasing journey and avoid unnecessary changes
  • Anchoring Bias – always list your most expensive products first, the rest will seem like a bargain
  • Loss Aversion Bias – no one likes to miss out on a great deal, give them an end date

Converting customers using psychology is not trickery, rather its based on real world science and proven facts.

Take a look at this infographic to get more psychology-based tips to shape your sales marketing strategy:

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The Psychology of Sales Marketing

Via Salesforce

Thank you to the team at Salesforce for designing this awesome infographic!

What are your thoughts on the psychology of sales marketing? Please leave your comment below.

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2 Responses to Sales Marketing and The Human Mind Infographic

  • Really awesome infographic! I would like to add only one thing. Have you ever heard about “Decoy effect”?
    You’ can often see that in pricing models — one price point is intentionally included to entice you to choose the most expensive option, e.g. you can choose between small popcorn for 3$ and large for 7$. Of course almost everyone takes the small one. But when there appeared third option: a medium popcorn for 6,50$ almost everone takes the large, because they think that’s the best deal. That’s simply clever, ha?

    • Thank you for your comment Marta, I didn’t know this was called ‘Decoy Effect’. That’s very interesting and clever marketing indeed.

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