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Social Media Marketing Tips For The Holidays

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Right now is the best time for planning your social media marketing campaign for the upcoming Holiday season.

Halloween is just around the corner and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, making this the ideal time to focus on your Holiday marketing. It may seem a little odd thinking about Mistletoe and spreading Holiday cheer in October but believe me, the sooner you start your social media Holiday campaign the less stressful it will be for you and your craft business once December rolls around.

When everyone else is struggling with their last minute social media marketing efforts, going to Holiday parties and events, and trying to find the perfect gifts, you will be able to focus on what’s really important, your business and most of all your family. Here are my 8 marketing ideas to increase your social media engagement while getting your craft customers into the Holiday spirit.

8 social media marketing ideas for the holidays


Create a Contest or Giveaway

Everybody likes to win, that is why the pre-holiday season is such a great time to hold a contest or giveaway. This is when social media is the most active and you have the best chance to increase your business page engagement and gain new followers. Give away something of value that your customers can use for themselves or can re-gift to someone else. Of course a cash prize is always useful.

Decorate your Pages

Your home and business shouldn’t be the only places that get decorated for the Holidays. Spread the cheer by adding a winter hat, snow flakes, and other winter or Holiday themes to your brand, craft photos and social media graphics. Update your Facebook and Twitter cover photos regularly with fun and current images. You could add a little elf cap to your logo or take photos of your products with pretty stars or Christmas bulbs attached or placed around them.

Encourage Sharing

The whole purpose of social media is to be social so encourage your fellow crafters to engage with you and participate in conversations. Ask about favorite Holiday traditions and winter travel destinations. An easy way to get started is by asking a this versus that question. For example: “Do you prefer to drink hot apple cider or hot chocolate on a cold, wintry night?” These types of questions are easy to answer and exciting to participate in.

Share your own Tips

Get your followers excited by sharing your own Holiday tips. Do you have a favorite cookie recipe handed down from your great grandma in Sweden? Make a batch, take fun pictures of the cookies on a platter in your office or crafting room, and share the pictures and recipe (unless its a secret family recipe). Sharing creative content from you and your niche, written or produced by yourself, will get your followers in the Holiday mood for sure. Remember the content that is helpful and relevant is more likely to get shared.

Look for trending Hashtags

Always include hashtags in your social media updates by placing the ‘#’ sign in front of your keyword(s) like this ‘#socialmediatips’. Look for popular or trending conversations on Twitter, and in the social world in general during the holiday season and include their hashtag when you contribute your own content. Doing this will help your social content show up in front of more potential customers.

Support a Cause

Find a charitable cause you believe in and support it on your social media pages. After all, the holiday season is a time for giving. Hold a giving campaign and encourage your followers to donate or volunteer with you.

Run a paid Campaign

Now is a good time to learn all about running a social media ad. Learn how to spend your time wisely and increase your page likes. Once you know what you’re doing, sponsor a paid update targeting a specific geographical area, age group or interest to boost your ‘likes’ and increase following and sharing. This doesn’t have to be expensive, for only $20 you run a sponsored for several days and get several hundred new likes.

Measure your Success

Keep track of what you’re doing on your social media pages to gauge your success and return on investment (ROI). There is always room for improvement, but if you don’t know what you did to get a bunch of new likes then you can’t repeat it next time, or improve upon it. It’s important to keep track of your website traffic, the number of followers you have and, of course, the amount of social engagement your page receives, so you will know what works and what doesn’t in the future.

Which social media site is your favorite? Leave me a comment and tell me why!

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4 Responses to Social Media Marketing Tips For The Holidays

  • I spend most of my social media time on Pinterest these days. It’s just so easy to use, I could spend hours looking at all the pictures and pinning recipes and how-to’s to my boards. One of these days I’ll actually make some of them, lol.

    • Hi Thara, I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment. I appreciate it!
      Pinterest has a huge number of followers and is a very valuable marketing tool, especially for craft makers, DIY’ers, fashionistas and foodies.

      There is so much great content that I can easily get lost pinning stuff on boards as well. It helps to set a time frame before visiting, and of course, sticking to it.

  • Your Post helps us to improve our social media marketing. Great Strategy. Thanks for sharing

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