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Taking Your Business To The Cloud

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Using cloud computing can be a huge time saver for small business owners.

I have been using cloud based email for many years now. I also store my photos and files ‘in the cloud’… it’s easy, cost effective and secure. Google for instance lets you store up to 15 GB worth of pictures, documents and apps for free. You can also easily create spreadsheets, documents, slideshows, forms and such. Of course, Google is just one of the many cloud bases platforms you could use. I have also accounts with Cloud One for storing my website backups, and have my smart phone connected with Dropbox to automatically save all of the photos I take.

Let me tell you how big of a time saver using the cloud actually is. Have you ever been to a meeting with a client and realized you forgot to bring some important papers? Did you re-schedule the meeting, annoying your client, or tried to make it through the meeting winging it? If you have your business documents stored in the cloud you will never run into this problem again. You can find, open up and share anything you have stored in the cloud from your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Never having to worry about loosing important documents, pictures and backups will give you ease of mind and creating automatic backups will free up a bunch of time that can be spent much more productively.

What about security issues, you ask? Like I mentioned already, I have been storing my business documents, website backups as well as personal files in the cloud for more than five years now and have never had any security issues whatsoever. Still not comfortable storing your important business documents or personal files in a community used cloud? Give a private cloud hosting company like SingleHop a try. Private cloud hosting is a single-tenant computing environment that offers a unique combination of enterprise-grade technology, public cloud-style scalability, private cloud-style security and privacy. Of course, the cloud is more than just a storage place for backups, pictures and documents. You can run your entire business from the cloud now, securely and efficiently.

Take a look at this infographic to learn more about ‘Life in the Cloud’:

Learn about cloud hosting for your business


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