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The Best eCommerce Solution For A Small Business

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Are you struggling to find the perfect eCommerce solution for your small business?

You are not the only one to get confused by the many different options available these days! Do you need your own website to sell your products, should you use one of the many marketing platforms or maybe use a plugin? By now most of us have heard of Shopify and BigCommerce but there might be a better option available. Take a look at the following scenario:

best e-commerce solutions

I’m working on launching an online handmade jewelry business and I’m trying to figure out what platform I should use to sell. I know Etsy is easy and cost-effective but I’ve also heard that competition is tough and word of mouth marketing less effective since customers often say “I bought this on Etsy” vs your specific store. 

I have a WordPress-powered site that I’ve designed and am pretty happy with, so I’m trying to determine if I should use a WordPress e-commerce plug-in or a fully hosted solution like Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento Go in addition to or instead of Etsy. Would love any thoughts on the pros and cons of each or things to consider in making this decision!

Sometimes it’s best just to keep it simple, especially if you have a very small budget to work with. So, if you’re looking for a WordPress plugin I’d check out Jigoshop – it’s a well established e-commerce platform that combines broad functionality, easy migration options and professional support packages. They offer a free plugin with optional extensions and you can also upgrade to buy premium themes which can be easily customized. Many of the themes are responsive which is crucial for eCommerce since a lot of people use their smart phones to shop.

Etsy is a great starting point for craft sellers, there is a fee but only after you make a sale. You need to keep in mind that you are on someone else’s platform and you will have to abide by their rules and regulations. If you are fine with that, then the most important part of standing out from the rest of the sellers on Etsy is to have high quality pictures, make use of keywords and take the time to interact with everyone else on the site. Take a look at this article Tips for the Hobbyist to sell Crafts on Etsy, I wrote this for our bottle lamp making blog a while ago.

Some important factors to consider when looking for a fully integrated e-commerce solution for your small business:

  • Easy to customize
  • White-label (on your own domain, no co-branding)
  • SEO optimized
  • Payment gateways like PayPal
  • Coupon abilities
  • Shipping estimates
  • Mobile accessible

The best eCommerce solution for a small business might be this shopping cart alternative from Shopping Cart Elite.

Shopping Cart Elite was originally built for a real eCommerce business (2001-2006) that generated over $4M per year in online sales. That business was sold in 2006, and Shopping Cart Elite was born. They bring years of eCommerce experience as well as the development of their dream eCommerce platform to the table.

ecommerce solution

Shopping Cart Elite – Besides the standard features like an easy drap & drop page builder, SEO, analytics, marketplace management, CRN, automation and social integration this e-commerce solutions also offers features like TEA (Threat Engagement Analytics). A free add-on that gives you the ability to track your visitor’s mouse movement. Mouse and keyboard clicks on your website allow you to better understand your shoppers behaviors. Shopping Cart Elite offers a 15 day trial with plans starting at only $29/month.

Additional features:

  • Customizable Cloud Templates
  • Custom design
  • Custom mega menu
  • Rotating banners
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast product entry
  • Intelligent live chat
  • Smart search
  • Order management
  • Lead scoring and discovery
  • BIN management
  • Inventory alerts
  • Smart packaging
  • Smart shipping
  • PCI compliance
  • Hacker safe
  • Dedicated SSL certificate
  • 100 payment gateways
  • and many more…

Learn more about Shopping Cart Elite and start a free trial!

In the end the best eCommerce solution depends on how much time, effort and money you are willing to invest.

If you truly want to build a business that will generate you income for years to come then you want to keep the following statement by Igor Soshkin, co-founder and CEO of Shopping Cart Elite, in mind “Customers who are looking at the price and investment of Shopping Cart Elite in comparison to a cheaper option are looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Instead of trying to shave off the cost of their monthly fee as well as the initial setup, they should concentrate on getting more sales results from actually using Shopping Cart Elite. That is where the leverage is, I don’t know of one company that got rich by underpaying for software that drives the core of their business. Pay peanuts and you get vaporware software with monkeys on customer support.” You always get what you pay for!

Do you have any experience with eCommerce or do you have questions? Please leave your comments below. 

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4 Responses to The Best eCommerce Solution For A Small Business

  • I am a handcrafted artist, and I started selling on Etsy years ago, but unfortunately Etsy has gone the way of Ebay so it’s hard to compete against the cheap imported items they list there now. You have given alternatives to Etsy, such as plugins and web site hosting, but the problem with that is if your a small business just starting, selling this way will consume a HUGH amount of time since you will need to promote yourself like crazy.

    I would suggest also looking into selling your items on other handmade sites, like The CraftStar, where everyone helps to promote everyone else. Not to mention the support and friendships you’ll find there. :0)

    • You are absolutely right Debbi! It is a lot of work to build and promote your own site and Etsy has gotten too big for most crafters just starting out. The support one receives from fellow crafters and the online friendships that are being built is what makes smaller sites like CraftStar and Folksy so alluring.

      I am planning on writing a follow up article especially for selling craft products online, I have visited the CraftStar website several times now and will include it as one of the resources.

  • Hi Silke,

    I’m not Etsy but I network with a lot of people who are, so I know how saturated it is. I guess Etsy can bring organic traffic because it’s Etsy but there is just so much competition. There are a few bloggers making money selling information products about how to get noticed on Etsy. They sell well because people are lost where to turn next.

    I would recommend selling from your own site because like it was mentioned above… customers often say “I bought this on Etsy” vs your specific store.

    I think it’s more important to start building your own brand and establish yourself as a the face of the business and not just another Etsy seller


    • Hi Naomi,
      Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to leave a comment, it is very much appreciated!

      There is definitely a trade off when using online market places like Etsy. Etsy is widely recognized by name alone with millions of daily visitors and if you do proper keyword research plus have a product(s) people are interested in you will eventually be found by a few potential buyers and make some sales. You are correct with your closing statement though, if you’re trying to build a name for yourself and plan on selling products for years to come, then you need to build up your own brand and establish yourself as well as your business with your own ‘stand-alone’ website.

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