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I read an article this afternoon titled: “Forget the Year of Mobile – It’s Actually the Year of Video” and I have to admit I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

For several years now online marketing gurus have been telling us that mobile marketing is going to be the next big thing. Mobile usage is slowly getting higher and higher, but we’re still a ways away from lightning fast connectivity and hence global mobile web usage.

Video viewing on the other hand has been growing insanely, with more time spent watching videos on more devices across the board. From the desktop PC to laptops, connected TVs and mobile devices, everyone is in on the video watching craze.

A quarter of all online videos have ads in them now, that’s roughly double the percentage of just two years ago. Also, online videos are typically viewed with a completion rate of 87%, that means 87 out of every 100 people will watch a video from start to finish. With 60 million potential video viewers, are you utilizing this opportunity to its fullest?

My husband and I have been making videos for our hobby website for over a year now and one of our videos has received 173,184 views as of today. That’s a great achievement considering that most videos only receive a few dozen views. What a wonderful way to market your business on a small budget! You can check out our YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/user/jagerfoods

You Tube Tips for Summerville SC

Here are some tips for making a great video for your own Small Business on a  low Budget:

  • Write a Script! It always helps to write down an outline of what you want to say and do during the video. Do you have a message? Keep it to the point and don’t ramble on about your topic.
  • Find a Location! Set the mood for your video by finding an appropriate location/background for your video. You don’t want to squint into the camera, so be aware of the sun’s position when shooting outdoors.
  • Pick your Wardrobe! Wear colors that look good on you and don’t blend into the background. Bright colors work best.
  • Set up your Camera! Find a place to set down your camera for a steady shot, especially if you’re doing an interview type of video. An inexpensive tripod is a great investment.
  • Start Recording! Give yourself a little extra recording time before and after your shoot for easier editing. We usually end up shooting some parts of the video several times over.
  • Edit your Video! Use an online editing software to add text, add background music and crop out parts of the video you don’t like. You can also add an introduction image at the beginning or end of the video.
  • Save your Video! Make sure to save your video to your hard drive, if you don’t all of your hard work of editing will be lost.
  • Upload your Video! Share your video on YouTube and other video sharing websites. Be sure to give it a searchable title, set the date and location, add tags, description and a link to your website.

Take advantage and benefit from the power of Video Advertising for your local Business.

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