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Top 10 Black On White Websites

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Black & White Website Design is really popular at the moment!

It is fascinating to see all the different ways designers are able to create stunning websites with just two basic colors.

The other day I wrote an article with tips on creating your own Black & White website design and what to look out for. To get the point across in a more visual way I figured it would be a good idea to show you some stunning websites that really nailed it.

My list of Top 10 Black & White Websites:

B&W Web Design Top 10

Urban Landscape Lab an interdisciplinary applied research group. Beautiful black and white designed website that lets you know within a second of landing on the page what they are about.

B&W website design sample

Galerie belge d’art contemporain is a Belgian art gallery site. Take a look at the way they used a slightly different shaded background to set the two sections of the website apart. Very straight forward and effective.

B  &W Web Design Top 10

Zeerofee is an ethical design agency. There are three design tricks that help make this black and white website stand out. The name/title gets a funky multi-colored aura when you hover on it, the use of light grey text color that only works because it is fairly large and the large grey buttons turn into color images.

B&W Web Design Top10

Alastaire Allday is a freelance copywriter with an in-your-face approach on his website. Black on white with a red contrast color and a large color image of himself. Notice how his shadow is a reddish shade of grey to match the text on the page.

B&W Web Design Top 10

Multitouch Barcelona is an interactive design studio. Large black text on a white background with three words highlighted to draw the eye. It doesn’t get much more simple than that!

B&W Web Design Top 10

Simon J Hunter is a composer for film and television. Easy on the eye web design with very sharp images, and yes, Simon is a good looking guy so that helps as well. A little further down the page the use of blue helps to high light text.

B&W Web Design Top 10

Hochburg is a design agency based in Stuttgart, Germany. Wow! They make use of huge, visually stunning black and white images on their home page. A little further down the page they switch back and forth from white to black, and then back to a white background.

B & W Web Design Top 10

Jon Tangerine is a designer, typographer and co-founder of Fontdeck. I really like the way he uses a little bit of bright yellow on this black on white page. It’s simple and clean, yet bold. Well done!

B&W Web Design Top 10

Project 53 is a branding company based in Leeds, England. Although this one is more of a grey on black website I wanted to include it in this list because I really like it. It’s a very clean design and the website is super easy to navigate.

Black & White Web Design

R/GA is one of the world’s most awarded full-service digital agencies. Even though this site has a basic Black & White design there is a lot going on with huge amounts of white space, extra large text and a bright red, in your face, hover color.

As you can tell from this Top 10 list, a lot of artists and designers are using the black on white designs to try to stand apart.

Are you getting tired of creating colorful websites? Why not design a Black on White site to change things up a little?

Which site do you like best? Have you created or come across a Black on White website you really like? Share the link in the comments.

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2 Responses to Top 10 Black On White Websites

  • Black and White can be very clean visually that it makes it simple to get your message across. I like your samples! 😆

  • Hi Nick, I agree that a simple black & white website theme will definitely get a message across, as long as its done right. Thank you! It took me a little while to find good sample sites to use for this article.

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