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Using Email To Improve Customer Experience

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Email marketing is basically the process of marketing to people through emails sent to them. Sounds pretty easy in theory, right?

In reality it is anything but easy! Your subscribers signed up to receive your emails because you promised to send them relevant information. There is a fine line between sending thoughtful, engaging and useful content that your email recipients will open and engage with, and being just another small business that sends out lousy email messages with no real value to your customers.

Email marketing to improve customer experience.
To improve customer experience and to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns pay attention to the following three elements:

  • Your Target Market
  • Your Message
  • Your Timing

Target Your Customers

Offering useful information and offers to your customers is critical and must be done carefully. For example, you don’t want to offer a valuable discount on an expensive item after it has already been purchased. Your email should always be viewed as helpful, not after the fact or outdated.

In order to do this properly, and easily, you should create different lists for your email subscribers. These lists will segment your customers by purchase history, demographic information or what ever else you deem relevant for your business.  By creating different lists you can target specific customers and then send them information based on their interests. This will improve your reputation as a trusted adviser and will increase your email open rate.

If you use a email marketing service like Aweber you can also set up something called automation rules. These automation rules let you subscribe or unsubscribe someone to one list when he or she subscribes or unsubscribes to another list.  For example, automation rules can help you unsubscribe customers from your prospect list when they purchase.

Improve your Message

Did you know that almost 2/3 of all email messages get opened on a mobile device first? It is important that you optimize your messages to engage your customers while they are on the go. How do you do that? Keep it simple, use large fonts that are easy to read on a small screen and add only high-quality images.

Always start your message with the most important information on top and end with a Call To Action (CTA = words that urge the reader of a message to take an immediate action). Simplifying your message by keeping it engaging, short and to the point, will be appreciated by your busy customers and will ultimately improve your click trough rate.

Check your Timing

There is no absolute science to figure out the best time and frequency to send emails to your subscribers. You will have to do some testing for each list that you set up. The time, day, and frequency you sent messages to one group of people might not work so well for the next one.

Some marketers are very clear during the sign up process when they will send out follow up messages. A common time is every other Wednesday at 8 pm. If you tell your subscribers when you will reach out to them then you need to be sure to stay consistent and let your followers know ahead of time if you plan to make changes.

Will Wednesday night work for all of your subscribers? Probably not! That is why you need to run tests and let your results decide. Testing will get you much better results than guessing.

A properly set up email marketing strategy is import for small business owners! Improving the three elements described in this marketing article will help generate revenue for you and advances your customer’s experiences.

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