) 3 Wordpress Plugin Maintenance Tips for your Website
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WordPress Plugins Maintenance

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If you maintain your personal blog or business website on the WordPress platform, than you know all about the many different Plugins you can use.

Over time many of these plugins become obsolete and often we end up with outdated and unnecessary files that will not only bog down your website’s loading speed, but can also affect the security of your site. Learn how to keep your website running smoothly and safely.

WordpressPlugin Maintenance

WordPressPlugin Maintenance

Here are 3 Easy WordPress Plugin Maintenance Tips for you:

1) Update to the Latest WordPress Version – Make sure you always have the latest version of WordPress installed. I maintain close to 100 different WordPress sites and know how much of a bother it can be, but the little bit of time involved is absolutely necessary. Don’t just update the plugins, but use the one-click update feature for the WordPress blogging platform as well.

2) Get Rid of Old Plugins – Don’t become a plugin hoarder. Do some basic house cleaning about four times a year. The plugins we use and need will change over time. There are times when older plugins don’t get updated any longer since the developers quit working on the project. You could end up with a plugin that does not work or does not work properly after you updated to the latest version of WordPress. 

Getting rid of old and unsupported plugins will also ensure that your website will not encounter any backdoor hackers. Once you decide to eliminate an unnecessary plugin, simply click on the deactivate button and than be sure to also delete the plugin to remove all the files.

3) Create Backups – You need to backup your WordPress website on a regular basis and especially before making any updates or technical changes. You never know when something might go wrong. If you have not backed up your site yet, do it as soon as you’re done reading this. There are numerous plugins available to help you. The one we use for all of our sites is called BackWPup, we have used this free plugin for several years now – learn more about the BackWPup plugin here.

To maintain your plugins simply update to the newest versions when ever you are in your WordPress account, eliminate old and outdated plugins, and always have an up-to-date website backup in case something goes wrong.

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